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Avenida María Moliner nº 16, bajos - Huesca, 22004 Huesca - España

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INAGRO company went into business in December 1995 and it is active in engineering services. In our company, we conduct projects, construction management, environmental impact study, reports, valuations, expert’s reports, measurement and topographical survey and processing of some subsidies for industries and industrial installations.

engineering service

 We operate engineering service in general, mainly within the agricultural sector (above all irrigation, farming cultivations, rural infrastructure), and we are specialists in agri food industry (feed mill, dehydration plants, grain driers, cured meat factories, ham drying rooms, slaughterhouses, etc.) 

Due to the growing demand, increasingly, we have been increasingly entering into general industry (workshops, carpentry, organic fertilisers plants, etc.) and all types of industrial installations, such as,  electricity in high- and low-voltage installations, fire protection installations, fuel facilities, refrigerating engineering, biomass, etc.). 


At INAGRO, we have a wide range of customers, which comprises from small farmers to big companies and cooperatives, along with some official Aragonese institutions, for example Diputación General de Aragon, Diputación Provincial de Huesca [1], Municipal Associations and City Councils. Our policy field encompasses whole Aragon and, increasingly, we have a higher market share in Navarra, La Rioja and Cataluña.


Some of our competitive advantages:


  • We are a consolidated company in this sector with 20 years of experience.
  • Our prices are very competitive with an excellent price-quality ratio.

We have a large staff with a wide variety of qualifications and skills, which allow us to encompass

  • many different sectors.
  • We have leaders and interests willing to continually improve our services.
  • We offer a personalised treatment to our customers. It is initiated by a commercial agent and then, it is continued by the engineer that is going to develop his charge.

  We easily adapt to the changes since we are provided with resources and a very flexible structure.

[1]Diputación General de Aragón is an official institution similar to a Governing Council. In the case of Diputación Provincial de Huesca, it is the same and it is equivalent to a Provincial Council.