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Preliminary design:

This document is focused on the study of the different solutions of the issued problems, creating the optimal solution.  This is crucial and essential in order to draft a good Construction Project, since it should provide the accurate baseline data for its development.


It is at this stage, according to the developer needs, we focus on a resolution of different alternatives in the production process and its auxiliary systems (energies, water, etc.).



Basic project

The Basic project is the document that allows to initiate the processing of the Trading Licence (previous to the Construction permit, that is when the payment of the tax rebate of building takes place), although the details of building and installation are not totally finished.

Once the Basic Project is approved, we will guide the processing and we will monitor the Nuisance Section y therefore, the Trading Licence.

Project for construction work

With these projects, the construction works and installations are totally defined. In addition, the presentation and preregistration are carried out in the Registration of Industries, as well as the processing and the monitoring until the achievement of the Construction Permit.

This Project is useful when applying for funding and this is essential for mortgage guarantee and for a budget request to builders and installers, as well as for contracting the construction works.

The most important and the only indispensable document of the three above mentioned is the last one. The other ones may be necessary depending on whether the construction work has been defined or not (preliminary design) or depending on the necessary deadlines for the Trading Licence (Basic Project of Trading). Contact us in order to clarify these questions.

Partial Certificates

Once the Construction Permit is obtained and before the beginning of the construction, the health and safety coordinator (an engineer from INAGRO) has to approve the Health and Safety Plan which should have been signed by the contractor. If it is necessary, we can draft this Plan too.

 The Work Management involves close monitoring during the execution period of the construction work (technical, economical or both) solving the problems that might arise. Additionally, it also implies the completion of the necessary detailed drawings, as well as the reformed plans that should be elaborated in case that there are modifications from the original idea during the development of the work. The Work Management also involves the implementation of as many as Partial Certificates of Construction Work or of New Constructions Work in Progress (assessed or no) the developer needs. These Certificates usually are needed to execute a mortgage and to be provided with funds emanating from a mortgage or from an official subsidy (which of course, we can operate).



Final Certificates

Once the work and installation have been executed according to their respective Projects, the Certificate of Project Completion will be issued. This Final Certificate is needed to register the industry in the pertinent official records to obtain the business permits; it is also needed for the registry and cadastral processing, as well as for the collection of aids and subsidies.


Finally, in order to legalise the different industrial installations, Final Certificates of each type will be issued (electric, refrigeration, combustible, fires, etc.) which accompanied by other documents issued by the installation companies should be processed in Industry Provincial Service.